Syriac Melodies

Syriac Chant is the authentic chant of the Antiochene Syriac Maronite Church.

The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council affirmed that pride of place should be given to Gregorian chant in the Latin Church, it follows that that same precedence must be afforded to Syriac chant in the Maronite Church.

Due to various reasons, there are slight variations in some of the Syriac melodies. Which versions has the Music Commission chosen? Following the official Hymnal released by the Maronite Patriarchal Liturgical Commission (Bkerke 2008), we have chosen the versions of the Syriac melodies published in the scholarly work of Fr Louis Hage OLM (Musique Maronite Vol IIIA and IIIB, Kaslik, Lebanon 1990, 1991).

It is important to note that when the Syriac melodies are sung in Syriac or Arabic, it is possible at times to use alternative versions of the same Syriac Melody, e.g. Bo’ooto dmor ya’qoob. However, due to the nature of English language/syllabification, this is not possible in the English versions. To ensure that the English pronunciation is not compromised, the Music Commission has chosen which versions are suitable for a particular hymn, and has added a suffix to the melody title to make the distinction between the versions.
E.g. Bo’ooto dmor ya’qoob (Epiphany),
Bo’ooto dmor ya’qoob (Lent),
Bo’ooto dmor ya’qoob (Departed) etc.

To assist parish organists and music/choir directors, an MP3 recording of one verse of the different Syriac Melodies used in the Book of Offering (Mass Book) has been recorded.    

01 'am khoolhoon shmayoneh    
02 b'edoneh dsafro 1     
03 b'edoneh dsafro 2     
04 balbeebooto 'asheento     
05 bkhoolhoon safreh     
06 bo'ooto dmor afrem 1     
07 bo'ooto dmor afrem 2     
08 bo'ooto dmor ya'qoob (Departed)     
09 bo'ooto dmor ya'qoob (Epiphany)     
10 bo'ooto dmor ya'qoob (Lent)     
11 bo'ooto dmor ya'qoob (Minor)     
12 bo'ooto dmor ya'qoob (moryo moran)     
13 bo'ooto dmor ya'qoob (moohdeekee salam)     
14 bo'ooto dmor ya'qoob (ta'attaf ya rabb)     
15 bo'ooto dmor ya'qoob (Zechariah)     
16 boteh dHaso     
17 bsafro salee doneeyel     
18 bSafrokh rabo     
19 daHto lo neHte 1     
20 daHto lo neHte 2     
21 ehmar qayso     
22 ehnono noohro shareero     
23 fsheeto     
24 fsheeto (qooqoyo)     
25 fyosto     
26 Hasyo oo-qadeesho     
27 Hdaow zadeeqeh     
28 Hdaow zadeeqeh (Refrain) & daHto lo neHteh 1 (Verses)     
29 Hoon lamHeeloot     
30 Hoyen lHatoyeh     
31 hwaow sohdeh sghooleh     
32 kakro     
33 l'el men shoofreh da'noneh     
34 latHoomo dhaimonooto     
35 lmaryam yoldat aloho     
36 msatroneh dnooH     
37 mshalem noohreh deemomo     
38 msheeHo natareh l'eedtokh 1     
39 msheeHo natareh l'eedtokh 2     
40 ngeedo     
41 'onokh yeshoo'     
42 qolay shoobHo     
43 ramremain     
44 ramremain 2 (Departed)     
45 salatookee ma'ana     
46 setoro tobo     
47 shoobHo lhaow ro'yo     
48 bo'ooto dmor ya'qoob (slootekh 'aman)     
49 adapted soogheeto     
50 soogheeto (leelyo)     
51 soogheeto (Lent)     
52 soogheeto (o lokh 'olmo)     
53 soogheeto (ramsho)     
54 soogheeto (safro)     
55 toobaik 'eedto     
56 traihoon 'olmeh     
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